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SexArt – Lorena B – Olas De Placer

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SexArt – Lorena B – Olas De Placer
SexArt - Lorena B - Olas De PlacerReal Street Angels
Model: Lorena B
Released Date: October 05, 2016
Size: 1.05 GB – 237 MB
Quality: MPEG-4, 1080p, 00:19:05
122 photos at 22 megapixels
Description: The title of Don Caravaggio鈥檚 鈥淥las De Placer鈥?translates as 鈥淲aves of Pleasure,鈥?and it presents vivacious Lorena B loving life and living it to the full. There is a charmingly intimate home movie feel as she plays down at the shoreline, doing flips and running through the shallows, stripping off her denim shirt and tossing it into the wind with a laugh, her breasts bouncing as she runs. Later at home, Lorena is in a more sensuous mood. Her hands roam over her smooth skin, fingers stroking her clit as she rocks her hips back and forth to ride her hand. She grinds against the tip of one finger, spreading her juice over her swelling clit. As her top slips down to let her stiff nipples jut out, she reaches for a huge dildo, fixing it to the glass table so she can lick and suck it just like a real cock, her lust for its length surging up. Climbing over it and giving it a little nudge with her foot, Lorena begins to thrust her wet clit up against the fat rubber shaft. She guides it into her pussy and rides hard and fast, squeezing her tiny titties and rubbing at her clit. Holding her pussy lips between her fingers, she spreads them out like wings as she sinks onto the full length of the rubber rod, up and down, nice and slow. Lorena lifts off and plays with the sex toy, running her toes over its shaft, squeezing it between the soles of her feet, wrapping all her toes around its tip while fingering herself wide open. She turns and rubs the tip of the dildo up against her asshole, the shaft splitting her beaver. She sits again, her legs wider, fucking herself on the cock with wanton hunger for sensation. She finishes on her back, dildo jammed deep in her snatch, two fingers strumming her clit. Overwhelmed